Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hero In Hiding by Mitchell Bonds

Cyrus Solberg is back with more adventures, lame puns, and magic-wielding mishaps in the latest Hero Complex book, Hero In Hiding by Mitchell Bonds. This time around, the hero and his new wife, Kris, are on their way to hide on Starspeak, Cyrus' old home. A run-in with a vicious pirate strands them on Phoenix Island, where a prophet tells Cyrus that in order to defeat his archenemy, Voshtyr Demonkin, he must learn to master his magic. Though Cyrus initially refuses, circumstances conspire against him to set him forth on a quest to save the world.

My apartment neighbors probably heard me howling in laughter at 2 o'clock in the morning and thought that they had a crazy person next door. I love this book! It reminded me of The Princess Bride and the Talking to Dragons series by Patricia C. Wrede. A self-narrating swordsman? A villain who quotes word-for-word from the Villainic Phrasebook? A hero who has a penchant for bursting into flames when he's upset? Count me in! This book is just begging for people with good senses of humor to not take it seriously.

But even amid the goofiness, chaos, over-blown stereotypes, and ridiculous number of Important Places and Things In Capitol Letters, there are some genuinely touching scenes. The characters are likable and sympathetic--with exception of Demonkin, of course. It's also obvious that, if the story isn't to be taken seriously, Mitchell Bonds takes his writing seriously.

For some, the huge amount of magic may throw you off a bit--but don't let it. I've read fairytales with more serious magic in them than this book. Pretty much the only thing I didn't like about this book was the huge amount of made-up "cuss words"--it was just a little over the top, in my opinion.

All in all, another great book from MLP!

Rating: four and a half stars.


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