Monday, August 22, 2011

Dragons of Starlight Book 1: Starlight by Bryan Davis

Sotryline: Jason Masters doesn't believe in the legends like his brother, Adrian. But a message from their missing brother, Frederick, changes everything. What if dragons had really stole people away to be slaves on their own planet? What if there really was a portal that could take him to the dragon planet?
Seeking the answers to his questions only brings Jason more trouble. Manipulated by men in the government, wanted for murder, Jason knows his only chance to prove his innocence is to find the portal and figure out what these men want.

My thoughts:
Having read Masters and Slayers, Jason's brother Adrian's story, I thought Starlighters was also an excellent book. I enjoyed getting the chance to see Jason's side of the story, a side that's only partially glimpsed by Adrian and Drexel in Masters and Slayers.
I was a bit worried that Jason would be a younger copy of his brother, but there were definitely differences. The other characters were well-done and I'm glad there are more books to the series, because I was left with a feeling that I hadn't spent nearly enough time with all the characters. :)
The plot was good and fast-paced, though I felt there were a few small points that came too easily to the main characters (like finding the crystal peg that allowed the portal to be opened from the dragon world). Like I said, small nitpicky points.
There's nothing in the plot that would keep me from recommending this book to teens as young as 13--one reason I like Bryan Davis' stuff so much. Another great book of his that you should definitely check out!
Rating: 5 stars


need2read said...

I loved these books! I think, in a lot of ways, they are better than the Dragons in Our Midst books. I haven't read Tales of Starlight yet, but I hope to soon, to see the different perspectives.

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