Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Chronicles of Berinfell Book 1: The Curse of the Spider King by Wayne Thomas Batson & Christopher Hopper

Storyline: Eight hundred years ago in the world of Allyra, the Elves suffered a devastating loss. Their capitol Berinfell, was destroyed by the warrior Gwars and their leader the Spider King. Worst of all, the Spider King's assassins known as the Drefids have stolen seven babies—the descendants of the Seven Elf Lords.

Present day, the Seven are scattered around the earth, adopted by human parents. Their lives are cruelly shattered when, one by one, the Drefids try to hunt down and kill them.

Their only hope are the Sentinels and Dreadnaughts, exiled Elvish warriors who have dedicated their lives to regaining the Seven. The teens have a terrible choice in front of them: do they go back to Allyra as the final hope of their people, or do they stay to be forever hunted?

My Take:

Readers beware—this book will give you arachnophobia for life! I'm never going to look at spiders in the same way.

Wow! I've been hoping for a Christian author to write a book about Earth and another world, one populated by Elves. And finally one came!

Batson and Hopper tend to switch povs in the middle of scenes, and sometimes even include omniscient pov, but that's fine. I wasn't ever confused about anything.

The writing besides that was well done, the book tense, the world well built. I liked the kids (and their gifts), I liked the Elves who help them (especially the Dreadnaughts), and I liked the enemies they face: the wraith-like, shape-shifting Wisps and the clawed, humanoid Drefids. The Elvish history books were very, very cool too!

Since I like so much of the book, I'll forgive Batson and Hopper for killing my favorite Elf. :0) I'm looking forward to the sequels! The second book in the series, Venom and Song, comes out on July 13th.


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