Thursday, July 21, 2011

Favorite Summer Books 2009

One of my goals this summer was to read 25 new books. I made it to 22. Out of all of those, my favorite were The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K. Paul, Shadows of Lancaster County by Mindy Starns Clark, and 4:50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie.

Here are summaries:

Shadows of Lancaster County: Anna Bailey is not her real name, and California is not her real home. She moved from Pennsylvania following a tragedy within the Amish community she lived close to. She hoped to never go back.

But her brother has disappeared, and his wife frantically calls Anna, unsure of who else to turn to. Anna finds herself embroiled in a tangle of DNA experiments, family secrets, and the loving arms of God's mercy as she fights for her life.

Genre: Modern-day United States, suspense

4:50 From Paddington: Elspeth McGillicudy did not have hallucinations. Ever. So the sight of seeing a woman strangled in the window of a passing train turns her to her old friend Jane Marple for help. But Miss Marple is far too old to go tottering about the English countryside by herself, so she enlists a young friend Lucy Eyelesbarrow to be her eyes as she sets her mind to solve the mystery.

Genre: Late 1940s England, murder mystery

The Vanishing Sculptor: Tipper Schope manages her parents' estate since her father disappeared several years ago and her mother has a fuzzy mind. Her guardian, a Grand Parrot named Sir Beccaroon, is always trying to help her, but sometimes Tipper just wishes she didn't have so many worries. Then her father reappears with a problem--Tipper sold three of his statues that were made from on of Wulder's Foundation Stones, and because of that all the portals in the world are becoming unstable.

Genre: Fantasy, same world as the DragonKeeper Chronicles (Dragonspell, Dragonquest, Dragonknight, Dragonfire, Dragonlight). *Update: Now called by the title of Dragons of the Valley*

Check out these books if you have the chance, especially Shadows of Lancaster County, even if suspense isn't your normal genre. It is an amazing book!!


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